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The White House Farm Murders

The white house farm murders podcast

An investigative podcast that aims to reconsider the case against Jeremy Bamber.

I’ve been obsessed with the White House murders for over 10 years, long believing that Jeremy Bamber was innocent. But in January 2020, having watched the first episode of the drama, I decided to start a podcast. 

At the time, I was angry about the drama itself and was surprised to see that there were no podcasts about this case. Since, there have been two in addition to mine, but back then there were only episodes and NO full series. 

And so, I decided to create my own. It’s a mission that has proven harder than expected, thence the numerous stops and starts. But having finally exhausted all my research, the podcast is soon to relaunch.

Have a nosey around, engage with the blog content and thank you for stopping by. 

If you know anything about what happened at White House Farm or know anyone who was involved in the case, please feel free to contact us via our specific 'tips' form.

Dedicated to the victims of the tragedy

Nevill and June Bamber

Both were 61 at the time of their deaths.

Sheila Caffell

At the time of her death, Sheila was 28.

Nicholas and Daniel caffell

Both were 6 at the time of their deaths.

Available on 15 platforms

Available on 15 platforms

Available on 15 platforms


Each episode has its own dedicated blog post, giving you the chance to see the key discussion points for yourself.

Make sure you go check out the blog to see the episodes corresponding posts. 

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The podcast is available on many, many different platforms and there are far too many for us to link here.

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